Best Turnaround:
Adam and Sue Franklin

Best Turnaround

When Adam and Sue took on the Horse & Jockey, the exterior was overgrown and dark with no lighting, and caused a number of issues within the local community however they have worked incredibly hard to transform the pub.

Adam and Sue have now firmly embedded themselves and their pub into the local community, and are now working to maintain their fantastic reputation through a concentrated marketing effort, shouting about the fantastic things they do for their locals.

Adam is also now working closely with his son, Sam and brother, Dee to continue to develop the food offer and Sue has firmly established a welcomed reputation amongst customers as 'Pub Mum'.

Best Turnaround Finalists

Tally Ho Inn, Exeter

Ed Borthen and Deborah Borthen

When Ed and the team took on the Tally Ho! in Exeter, they knew they had a lot of work to do to, not only improve the kerb appeal of the pub but to also get the food offer up to a high standard and regain the community hub back into the village.

The team have worked tirelessly to improve the atmosphere of the pub and the Tally Ho! has now become a favourite amongst locals.

Catherine Wheel, Newbury

Warwick and Pauline Heskins

Over the last 12 months Warwick and his team have worked incredibly hard to re-establish the Catherine Wheel as the hub of the community. They worked closely with Ei Publican Partnerships to renovate the pub and relaunched with a new name and new food and drink offers.

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