Excellence in Cellar Standards:
Peter Clements

Excellence in Cellar Standards

To guarantee a perfect serve every time, Peter ensures that from delivery, each product is looked after and conditioned as the brewer recommends and that the lines are cleaned with a reputable product every seven days.

The team of staff at the British Oak are trained to dispense and serve every single product correctly and in the right glassware.

They clean glass washing machines daily making sure the correct amounts of products are delivered. They even consider what type of water is available in their local area to determine how much product is used!

The cellar is checked on a daily basis and Peter ensures simple and effective procedures are in place for staff to follow including cleaning rotas and cellar logs.

Excellence in Cellar Standards Finalists

Festival, Coventry

Hugh McGaffney

Hugh and his team ensure great quality beer by making certain his staff are trained to a high standard and that the cellar is cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

Staffordshire Bull, Stafford

Julie and Steve Hughes

The Staffordshire Bull is famous amongst locals for providing excellent quality beer and a great serve every time.

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